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TiVo S3 Just Blew My Mind

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OK, I knew they were good machines...had mine since day 1. Now I have two.

But I never knew HOW good.

Yesterday I turned off Comcast and went with Verizon FIOS. (Way better PQ)

So after the installation was complete, 4 cablecards in place and everything looking good, I sat down to change my whole family's Season Passes to match the new channel numbers.

But the TiVo had already done it!

Animal Planet's Season passes...about five shows...had been automatically switched from the old ch. 54 on Comcast to 110 on FIOS.

HBO HD's shows, like Entourage, had been changed from the old ch. 228 on Comcast to 851 on FIOS.

I'm sure that the experts here are well aware of that ability, but I wasn't. And like I say, it blew my mind.

Just wanted to share that with the group, and to tell everyone how much I enjoy the S3.

Bravo, TiVo!
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So what your saying is, 'My TiVo gets me'


Thanks for sharing your experience, I have had mine since November and I often get nice little suprises as well.
TiVo sets season passes by a channel ID, not number.

Even if a channel changes its name, its ID should be the same, so season passes shouldn't notice.
i just cancelled my Time Warner subscription (cable & Internet) and hooked up my S3 to an over the air antenna. From the midcities in the DFW metroplex the TIVO S3 registered 24 analog and 29 digital channels. I only asked the TIVO to receive the digital, and am extremely please with the picture quality of the major networks. HD over the air seems to be a little more crisp, IMHO.

I will particularly miss Discovery HD. For now, OTA it will be.

And yes... the TIVO sucsesfully switched all the major network season passes perfectly.
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