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Tivo S3 HD rebooting

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I have a Tivo S3 HD with and external 1TB hard drive I installed a year or so ago. Yesterday my unit started rebooting - would make to "Tivo Central" for a minute or so then reboot again. I called Tivo and ran their troubleshooting tree - disconnected cable and adapter, popped the cable cards, etc... no luck. Strangely, I discovered if the input cable was disconnected from the unit it would operate normally - I was able to watch recordings last night with no problem. I then ran a new (actually used but different) cable direct from the wall to the Tivo, bypassing the splitter I had been using, and all appears to work normally. I don't understand how just changing out the cable can fix the reboot problem, and Tivo support suggests this could be a symptom of a failing hard drive. I'm considering moving to a new Tivo Premier - thoughts? And thanks in advance...

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You are talking about the Coax cable to the TiVo that brings in the cable signals I assume. It has screw-on connectors. You also mentioned a splitter on that cable. Connections and splitters can be sources of problems for the cable signal getting to the box. Low quality and multipule splitters can reduce signal strength and the screw-on or F-plug connectors can get loose or/and corrode. Make sure any splitter is high quality and the connections are tight and clean. That should help with signal problems.

If that doesn't help, call the cable company for a signal check. You can use the diagnosics in the TiVo menu, but the cable company can see the whole strength of the incoming signal.

If changing the coax cable brings the signal in helped, then it is probably the cable or the splitter that was bad. Use at least a 1GHZ splitter with as few of splits as possible.
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