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I've never seen the picture from a Humax, but I went through the Toshiba model with DVD player and two TiVo branded Series 2 before I said to hell with it, went to eBay and bought a Sony Series 1 with lifetime and have lived happily ever after. Well, aside from the "new" company attitude but that's another story.

The old 20 20 hindsight tells me the company began a downward slide with the Series 2 when they decided to place useless (to me, anyway) features ahead of basic performance. They would rather sell to the "Look at me, I can transfer movies to my bathroom!" crowd instead of maintaining or even improving basic performance.

Don't get it now. Didn't get it back then. Doubt I will ever get it, but if it makes you happy to transfer shows to your computer and back again while listening to MP3s on your television, knock yourselves out. I just want a better picture, that's all.

As an aside to you know who, the Sony 715 creates a beautiful recording but that damn TVGOS is driving me insane; it may go back before my 30 day return period is up. If so, I hope the company is still around next year so I can eat crow and buy the new cable card model.

Vent over...
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