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Has anyone ever seen this Robot Chicken short about the TiVo?

I saw it when I was like 5 years old (I am 19 now FYI) and it was traumatizing.

As a kid, I'd have bad dreams about the TiVo guy jumping out of the TV, or be scared that he'd visit me in my bedroom at night.

TiVo has been used by my parents, probably even before I was born. Despite it being a beloved household appliance and the coolest thing ever, it frightened me a bit.

Oh, and I just found out my grandparents have a TiVo Premiere furnished by Suddenlink. That's cool, I wasn't expecting that. I don't know when they got it, but I thought they were still using a crappy cable box.

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Heh. that's why Robot Chicken is an adult series. It's satire and this sketch fits in perfectly with their style. I know kids end up watching it because it always features action figures from kid TV shows, but it's definitely something adults would get. Though nowadays, I'm not so sure that's true either...
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