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My TiVo Roamio Plus has a rebooting problem. Frequently, when using the MLB.TV app and then pressing the MENU button to go to something else my Roamio reboots. I discussed this with the TiVo techs and, after reviewing some settings, determined that the SNR is too high. The signal strength was 95% and the SNR was 38 dB. They had me put attenuators (in line to reduce the SNR (and signal strength). I added 2 in-line attenuators (6dB + 3dB = 9dB). Then the signal strength became 82% and the SNR became 33dB. I then used everything, including the MLB.TV app successfully, for a while (several days). Then the rebooting thing started again. I called TiVo tech support again. As they could think of nothing else to do they offered an out-of-warranty replacement for $49 (got that price after some negotiating; original price was $149). I received the replacement (factory refurbished) this past Thursday. I spent the evening and Friday morning setting up the replacement TiVo (I had to temporarily set up a new account for this) and copying everything from the "old" TiVo to the "new" TiVo and then sent back the old one (they were holding a $374 deposit pending the return). Within a day the MLB.TV reboot problem happened again! I've just reconnected the attenuators but am skeptical of whether this will help at all.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem that they have resolved? I'd really appreciate the assistance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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