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I have decied to sell my lifetime TiVo roamio, which I modified with a cablecard bracket from a donor tivo. I also have a tivo stream i use to watch the tivo remotely using my iPad. In addition, I have a tivo mini hooked up to another tv. I do also have a parts tivo, but I doubt anyone would want that.

I am a bit wary of ebay scammers, but I assume that is pretty much the only game in town?

I am planning on trying to sell the equipment the beginning of May.

Shipping would be from Portland, Oregon area, and I can take apple pay cash, or PayPal if the buyer pays any credit card or other fees. Obviously, shipping won't be cheap for something this size, I am not sure how to calculate it.

I believe there are some hoops to go through to either transfer the tivo equipment, or to just change the account to the new owner. Does anyone know what the process is?
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