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Well, I've had this Series II TiVo box for almost one year. I've never had a problem with it until a couple of months ago. I will provide you with a step-by-step description of what happens (or what happened):

- I was watching a recorded program
- The screen froze for about ten seconds, started playing for about two seconds, then I got my TV's blue screen "NO SIGNAL" (no lights on TiVo were on)
- And then the TiVo restarted immediately (both "Powering Up" and "Almost There..." screens)

- Sometimes it stays on for two minutes, sometimes it stays on for two days, so there is no noticable pattern except...

This ALWAYS seems to happen every two weeks (which is how long the programming is for, right?). I know it's about to happen when I get the "You only have two days of programming left."

NOW, when I try to manually reconnect to the TiVo service (I tried both wireless USB and Phone), it makes it as far as "loading" and then restarts.

It's weird. For the last two days it has happened every ten minutes. ALL of my recordings are chopped up (like a two hour movie is recorded in seven parts!!) I have missed every show, which is why I bought this freakin' thing to begin with!

I don't know what the deal is. I've never had good luck with Customer Service people and why would they send me a new part, drive, or even a new box? It'll never happen. I am very disappointed. With all the competition from cable, you'd think they'd want to keep their customer base.

If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know. I can't even watch a whole show anymore because the TiVo doesn't stay on for more than five minutes.

I scanned the archives and found a few things, but nothing that looked exactly like my problem.


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