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Tivo replacement question

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Hey all,

I've thinking of upgrading my SAT-T60 for one of the DRS7000s from Weaknees...

Since these come with no drives, I'm assuming I can get the correct version of InstantCake to create the hardrive (which I need to buy). While I upgraded the SAT-T60 without problems using Hinsdale's Howto, I've never used the InstantCake.

The drives that IC creates, are they like a new install? Are they Upgradable/hackable?

Also, since I'll be retiring the T60, can I just move the card from it to the new 7000, or do I need to call D* to thell them I've upgraded the equipment?
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Only can help you with one thing: you can't just switch cards. I've heard DTV can do it but it's a very very rare practice.

Is your sony in good shape? My wife would kill me but boy is it tempting :)

actually you may get more hits if you post in the upgrade forum than here.
The drives that come from an IC restore are nothing special, they can be shrunk and re-expanded.

After you move the card, you will have to call DirecTV to unmarry it form the old receiver and marry it to the new.
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