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Kinda baffled by this one.

A friend just had TV service installed, provided by TDS Telecom. Their service uses TiVo software and a TiVo remote control. As a TiVo owner myself, I'm pretty familiar with it.

The TiVo remote (provided by TDS) communicates with the TDS box via Bluetooth and all is well. However, when attempting to have the remote also control basic functions of a Denon AVR (model AVR-S510BT from about 2015), the setup wizard fails.

I'm not sure if the remote should pair with the Denon via Bluetooth, or if it's supposed to be just a traditional infrared communication. I've tried to manually enter codes (1003, 1041, 1111, 1149, 1150, 1151, 1152, 1232, 1234) on the remote, holding down the TiVo button and "Mute" until the top light comes on, but no-go on that -- the remote DOES seem to function that way, but none of the codes work.

Any ideas?

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Cable furnished tivos use a different code library then standard tivo's remote do. All tivo know both libraries, cable remote brings up cable library, exit the menu, enter with the standard tivo remote and codes have changed on the same tivo.
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