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tivo remote function is not working. Help!!

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i have a humax drt800. i moved and when i set up the tivo in the new house. I could not get the remote to start working. the remote works fine on my other unit. and other tivo remotes will not work on the unit as well. after some reading i found a thread on how to solder L30 to bypass the ir. i opened the unit and i was unable to see the L30. will i have to remove the harddrive and the dvd drive to find it? or is it a different repair for the humax dvd
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Is your remote set to the same remote address as your TiVo? (This is the sliding 1-2 switch on the remote.) You can check on the System Information screen.
yes, and even one of my remotes does not have a 1-2 switch. i also reset the remotes as well. the problem is the tivo. i can use the front panel to activate the menu and watch movies and shows. when you push the remote buttons no lights on the front are blinking so its not recieving any signals. im sure problem comes from the moving around of the unit. i feel ok about opening up the unit i just didnt want to remove any hardware if thier was easy access to the L30 to solder it.

i would worry about it at all but i cant change to new area system in the restart menue so i can get the new channel line up. so none of my shows are being recorded
hey wheres all the tech geniuses????
Have you tried this very lo-tech suggestion? Namely, check the batteries in the remote. If you just moved there's every chance the remote got bounced around and one or more of the batteries became unseated. If you're lucky it could be just that simple.
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