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Came home today to find that the TiVo remote was no longer able to control my TV or TiVo Mini in my family room. I immediately assumed it was the remote breaking down somehow (maybe the kids dropped it one too many times?) only to find the exact same thing happened with my TiVo remote in our master bedroom (also a Mini). Oddly, both remotes no longer control the TV power or volume, and of course not the Mini. I have to use the TiVo app on my iOS devices to control either Mini.

The main TiVo remote that goes with my Roamio in my home theater still works, so I am surmising that this is some kind of software glitch. There is no way both remotes could have failed at the same time.

Has anyone else experienced the same, and is a fix known?

Did someone accidentally switch the remotes from their assigned rooms?
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