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Hello, A few years ago I had the code (that I misplaced) that would control my Amazon Basics Model SB210 Soundbar and it worked PERFECTLY. By perfectly I mean when viewing a recording if I press any button on the remote such as fast forward or skip ahead it would NOT change the volume level. The only code I can find that "kind of works is code # 1180 which is for A Vizio in the "Set A/V Volume and Mute area.

Unfortunately with the Vizio 1180 code every time I press any button such as fast forward or skip ahead on the remote while watching a recording it increases or decrease the audio level depending on what button I press.

I researched what company manufactured these soundbars for Amazon but didn't see much info..
As a last resort I searched with the 1999 code and pressed the Vol up about 400-500 times with no hits.

Problem solved, It was an issue with the Mini Lux, all is good now when I changed over to one my older Mini's

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