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Tivo Remote Code HELP NEEDED for Amazon Basics Model SB210 Soundbar

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Hello, A few years ago I had the code (that I misplaced) that would control my Amazon Basics Model SB210 Soundbar and it worked PERFECTLY. By perfectly I mean when viewing a recording if I press any button on the remote such as fast forward or skip ahead it would NOT change the volume level. The only code I can find that "kind of works is code # 1180 which is for A Vizio in the "Set A/V Volume and Mute area.

Unfortunately with the Vizio 1180 code every time I press any button such as fast forward or skip ahead on the remote while watching a recording it increases or decrease the audio level depending on what button I press.

I researched what company manufactured these soundbars for Amazon but didn't see much info..
As a last resort I searched with the 1999 code and pressed the Vol up about 400-500 times with no hits.

Problem solved, It was an issue with the Mini Lux, all is good now when I changed over to one my older Mini's

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If you had the soundbar attached to the arc input of the tv, and had hdmi cec turned on, you wouldn't need a code for the soundbar, just one the controls the tv volume which in turn controls the soundbar volume. Tv's volume controls the soundbar and the soundbar's volume controls the tv volume with hdmi cec turned on.
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