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Mine has been showing this glitch thru the 12th. I've rebooted, forced updates the guide, removed OnePass entries that show up as conflicts in the to do list, deleted the channels from the channel list,and manually deleted every ghost show scheduled to record. Its fine for a few hours & then reappears, using new channels that I haven't yet deleted from the channel list.

Just like others, it is tied to c-span & foreign language channels that we don't pay for (xfinity). It first appeared in the to do list as Campaign 2022 & then as a NATO program. When I go to that channel, day & time in the Guide, it's listed as Kana-Kana. So.Frustrating.
What's this thing with C-SPAN recordings? Yesterday, there were 15 recordings that were just 2 to 4 minutes long occurring back to back and recording C-SPAN on the same channel. I'VE NEVER WATCHED C-SPAN!! There's no logical reason why TiVo would record this channel, nor any reason to record two or three minutes snippets. Frankly, I had fallen asleep and I thought possibly I had caused the recordings to happen because of how I was holding the remote control... Still, this would be odd!
I don't like the responses from TiVo telling people that it's something with their setup and or the channel recording Is random. It's not random if so many people are having C-SPAN recorded.
After deleting the random recordings, I thought everything would be fine. I left the house and returned an hour later and there was another eight or nine recordings of the same C-SPAN channel. This time I knew for certain that I did not mistakenly record-while-sleeping! I deleted the recordings, powered off the DVR and rebooted EVERYTHING... then went on with my life. Now, one day later, and there are 8 additional C-SPAN recordings. WTF?
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