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Help !!!

The Directv Tivo program directory lists A&5 (265) incorrect episodes for 24. The A&E web site showes at 8AM episode (85 - 7:00pm/8:00pm ), ay 9AM episode (86 - 8:00pm/9:00pm)., at 10AM episode (87 - 9:00pm/10:00pm ) and at 11AM episode (88 - 10:00pm/11:00pm ). The directory showes something different for season 4 (Day 4). Is there a way to find out which episode is correct? Will Tivo correct there program guide if it's incorrect. or do I just record by time and hope to get what I want?

Any Ideas ?????

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TiVo won't correct it.. .until A&E corrects it's submission to the Tribune Company.

TiVo/DirecTV gets it's data from them, which in turn Tribune get's it from the individual networks. Ultimately, it is A&E that needs to update the information they provided to Tribune.
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