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Tivo Premiere Verizon Fios Cable Card Install question...

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Hey Guys,

I have two tivo-HD's and love them! Thinking of getting a premiere. While I wait for the cable card, can I test out my premiere by unplugging one of the cards from my current units and insert it into the premiere? If yes, then is it simply plug and play? The Verizon guy installed my 2 tivo-hd units 2 and half years ago and I've never touched it. But I've always been curious if the card is self-contained, or did he program the card to specifically work that particular tivo-HD, therefore it would be useless in the premiere, or at least it would have to be re-programmed.

Anyway, just curious cause I don't want to pull out the cable card from my current tivo-hd and cause myself all sorts of headaches.

Please advise, thank you!
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Yes it should work fine. I did the same from a THD to a Premiere. Also you can do a CC self install if u want to get all 4 going.

Edit: and yes I do have fios (DC market)
I'm also in the Washington DC area and upgraded from the TIVO HD to primiere. The cool thing here is I only had to swap the cable card to the new TIVO no calling, no need to use the Verizon Home assistant.
Over the last 4+ years with FiOS I've swapped my cable cards dozens of times between my TiVos. As long as it isn't paired there isn't an issue. Although I've heard that some new cable card installs are getting paired.
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