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TiVo Premiere Remote and Hannspree ST32AMSB 32" LCD TV

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We just got a Hannspree ST32AMSB 32" LCD TV (from Costco), and cannot figure out how to program our TiVo Premiere peanut remote to control it. Hannspree (or Hann-G) is not listed as one of the many TV manufacturers in the remote setup screen. While I do own a Logitech Harmony remote, my wife *strongly* prefers the TiVo remote, and I really need to get it to control the Hannspree TV.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks. {Jonathan}
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You need to purchase either a Tivo Glo remote or the Tivo Keyboard Remote. Either of these are 'learning' remotes and can learn the code from your new tv. The basic peanut that is included with the Premiere is not.
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