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i wanna lodge a complaint.

issues as follows:

1. guide errors are as follows

title not available
wrong channel id
wrong show listings

i contacted tivo over 12 times on lineup issues nothing was done.

channel 8 was abc, but it was moved to channel 20. channel 8 is now cozi tv, but it has channel 20's line up for abc.

cozi tv is on 2 channels 8 is in sd format. channel 108 is in hd format.

monday-fri. line up is

2 pm-3 pm quincy m.e.
3 pm-4 pm murder, she wrote
4 pm-5 pm murder she wrote
5 pm-6 pm little house on the prairie
6 pm-7 pm little house on the prairie
7 pm-7:30 pm the nanny
7:30 pm-8 pm the nanny
8 pm-8:30 pm frasier
8:30 pm-9 pm frasier
9 pm-9:30 pm frasier
9:30 pm-10 pm frasier
10 pm-10:30 pm will and grace
10:30 pm-11 pm will and grace
11 pm-11:30 pm will and grace
11:30 pm-12 am will and grace
12 am-12:30 am the nanny
12:30 am-1 am the nanny
1 am-2 am miami vice
2 am-3 am quantum leap
3 am-3:30 am make room for daddy
3:30 am-4 am make room for daddy
4 am-4:30 am the dick van **** show
4:30 am-5 am the dick van **** show
5 am-6 am airbrush perfection

link to rest of show times http://www.cozitv.com/tv-listings/. my zipcode is 40826. my tv company is imctv. imctv number 1-800-635.7052
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