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Tivo Premier XL Fan Issues

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My rear fan on my Tivo Premier XL starting making loud noises this morning. I powered it off and cleaned out the dust, but when I powered it back on the noise got louder. The fan is still working, but I'm wondering if Tivo covers replacement fans, or does someone have a recommendation for a replacement fan.
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I've had a couple of my Premieres fans make noises a few times, but this was only when I booted them up after being cold, from a trip in the trunk of my car. Once they warmed up the fans were quiet as normal.

Otherwise you can check out Weaknees for some replacement fans.


or DVRupgrade


EDIT: I guess none of the DVRupgrade fans are listed for the Premiere. So I guess it's just Weaknees for the Premiere replacement fan. Or get one from a computer parts store with the same specs.

You can also check out this thread about fans for the Premiere.

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