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I have a Series2 Tivo and a Sony A/V receiver and when it was originally bought I wasn't the one that set it up, but anyway it all worked out so that the volume buttons adjusted the volume on the A/V receiver, the mute button worked, and the power button only turned off the tv(also sony) and the A/V receiver just always stayed on. About a week ago I messed with the tivo remote settings so that it was set up to send commands to another tv in the house so that the volume and channels and stuff worked for that.
Then when I switched it back to the first tv using the HOLD POWER AND TIVO BUTTON AND INPUT CODE and the one with mute and tivo button etc... and now the volume/mute buttons work like normal but when I press the power button on the tivo remote, the tv turns off but so does the A/V receiver! And the strangest thing is that when I press the power button again, the tv turns on, but the A/V receiver remains off, and I have to get up and push the little power button to get it to turn on, every time!

Can somebody, PLEASE! help me! :(
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