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Tivo pauses

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For the last few weeks, our Tivo has been intermittently pausing during playback. It's for very short amounts of time - less than a second I'd guess, but it's supremely annoying.

I had thought that the heat in our area had maybe contributed to sattelite loss or something like that, but now that it's cooled off, it's still happening.

I'm not really sure where to start troubleshooting this problem.

I use a linksys wireless usb adapter to connect to the internet.
I have a series 2

Version 8.3-01-2-540
40 hr tivo

Let me know if there's any other information that would be helpful.
David Knapp
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Sounds like the hard drive may be failing. If it continues, you should look at weaknees.com for replacment drive options. Their upgrade kits are pretty easy to use. If you're a bit more comfortable, you can get your hands dirty with a bare drive and InstantCake from dvrupgrade.com. dvrupgrade.com also sells kits.

Since you only have a 40GB drive, you might want to use TivoToGo to save any programs you'd like to keep on a PC. Just remember that if you start with a new drive, season passes, settings, and your saved shows are lost because they're stored on your old drive. When you install the upgrade kit, you will also need to re-run your guided setup as if the Tivo was new. Both sites do an excellent job of explaining the details.
Is there any way to test the HD to verify it's having problems? Is there any way to fsck it or check log files?


Although it's a Linux drive, you don't have fsck-type access.

The pauses are usually due to disk re-reads that time out. Other users may have better ideas. All I do know for sure, is don't attempt to plug your drive into a Windows PC and attempt to read it as an extra drive. I believe Windows will write to the disk making it unreadable in the Tivo.

The InstantCake software does allow you to build a new Tivo disk using a PC without any of these difficulties if you go that route. If you have a old hard drive around that's 40GB or greater, you may want to try InstantCake (or one of the free methods mentioned on this site) and swap out disks. Other than needing a torx screwdriver, it's pretty simple. The only reason I mention InstantCake is that it's easier than the free methods and $20 may be worth your time. If building a new Tivo image on a fresh (old) drive works, then look around for a good DVR-friendly drive (quiet) for a more permanent solution. You'll make up your $20 (and more) by just shopping around for a new drive.

Just a thought ...
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