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TiVo Online won't play HBO recordings on my laptop

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I have a TiVo Bolt and I'm able to watch my recordings on my MacBook Pro using TiVo online. Well, everything except for HBO shows.

I'm only doing this at home, on my home network, the same network my Bolt is connected to.

I'm able to use the TiVo app on my iPhone and iPad to watch my recorded HBO shows, when at home on my home network, but TiVo online won't let me.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Thanks for any suggestions!
You do not mention your provider, but on some MSOs HBO (and the other premium channels) are the only ones that require a full protected content path for playback which may be why it, and not other content, will not playback.

While there are many reasons that your MacBook does not allow playback, things that are common include any external monitor that is not HDCP compliant (not all monitors are HDCP compliant on all ports, or sometimes any ports, or sometimes the handshake fails some of the time), certain 3rd party display adapters/dongles, certain screen sharing, mirroring, or extending solutions (which can include remote desktop solutions), running in a virtual machine, or disabling system integrity protection.
If in this use case you do not see a "Watch now" indicator before the program title in your My Shows listing, it is due to the content protection that Community Member mentions above for premium channels such as HBO.

The difference you have experienced is between mobile app usage and web browser.
I wish I could stream my iPad to my laptop. I've seen apps that let you do that but you'd think you could do that with Apple's AirPlay. But I guess that only works with an Apple TV to a TV monitor.
There are sometime quirky issues with protected content unfortunately. I don't have an answer for that.

However, if you have an active HBO subscription, most cable providers give you access to HBO Max. If you are looking for shows/movies they might be available to stream from there. Most (if not all) things are available on HBO Max at least for a time. Generally, you just log in with your cable provider credentials. You can either use apps from tablets/mobile devices or a web browsers to access it.
Thanks for your note! I actually was hoping to get my HBO recording onto my laptop because I want to save a promo they aired. I work in the industry and I love this promo and wanted to save it in my files for inspiration. But it wouldn't be streamed on the HBO Max app.

I can just shoot a video of it with my phone I guess, even though it's not as nice quality.
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