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dude44 said:
I have a series 2 dual tuner tivo (model #tcd649080) with a western digital 80 gig hard drive. I was adding a maxtor 300 gig drive with a weaknees install kit. but when I start the tivo it gets stuck at the powering up screen. any Ideas?
What have you done so-far?
Is the drive a drop-in upgrade, replacement or off the shelf unformatted retail drive?

If your TiVo will still boot with the original drive I suggest that you use MFSLive and make the expanded copy of the 80G drive to the new drive and keep the original drive as a backup. You can use the bracket and add the second drive later. This way
1 Have a working backup drive JIC
2 You can create the larger swap partition needed for recovery from the GSOD.
3 Single drive is easier to work with, consumes less power and generates less heat.
4 Keep your recordings and settings.
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