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bidwell said:
Jerry this is not a problem with this unit but with many units. My netgear adapter drops off and is now not recognized no matter how many times I reset. Please let everyone know how to fix the problem.
Bidwell, back off a little man. Jerry is one of the most helpful guys on here, and you can't apply a blanket statement that the problem is with the Tivo unit. Most issues are with incompattible adapters, users network settings etc.

For example I'm a pretty experienced user, and have helped numerous folks setup their Tivo's and home networks. Just the other day I bought the new Tivo wireless adapter, and plugged in it, and it wouldn't work. After getting frustrated, and madder than hell I realized it was my fault.

I had forgotten that I was running MAC filtering and had not added the MAC address of the new wireless adapter. I'm sooo glad, I didn't crab at someone about my own mistake.

Thus it always pays to stop, walk away, and "ask" Vs accuse. Looks like your pretty new with only one post, so like I said, cut the helpful people some slack.

That being said, if you supply your specifics (Tivo unit, software version, first 3 digiits of your service, number, type of USB adapter, etc.) I'm sure the folks on here will help you with your issue.
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