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I want to take back control of my TV! I despise 4+ minute commercials and network scheduled programming. I'm searching ebay for a Tivo S2 with lifetime service at $300ish. (The S1 is really showing it's age, S3s are too expensive and I won't be needing HD anytime soon.)

When buying Tivo, is their anything I need to watch for on ebay besides the normal stuff?

Seller's history/feeback rating
Condition of Unit
Lifetime Service stated in auction

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Get all the information from the unit and call Tivo to make sure the unit is ok to be transfered to a New Owner.

The Series 1's still work great, nothing wrong with them, as do the Series 2's.

The Series 3 will only work with Cable not Sat, so if you have Sat do not even bother with them.

Oh, and welcome to the Forum. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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