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Help, in the past week my tivo navigation has been acting rather strangely. The problem I'm having is this. If i go to tivo central and wanted to go to Music, Photos, products and more, i would use the down nav button to get there, which would require down arrow 4x. well my tivo simple runs down the list without stopping until it gets to the end and then it makes a noise as if i am holding down the down button without letting up. if i can get it to cooperate and say i am in the now playing list i can only select the first folder or last folder in that list. once i am in one of those folder, i can only select the first or last show because when i try to navigate to a show it run up or down the list and only stops at the first show if i'm trying to go up or the last show if i'm trying to go down. this is becoming very frustrating for me casue i basically can't do anything with the tivo cause the navigation system has gone beserk.
tivo information Piooner DVR 810H software version 8.3-01-2-275
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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