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My TiVO Premiere is displaying odd behavior. On many channels, it displays "Title Not Available." When I go to the TiVO Guide, the current programming for many channels is blank but if I look on the right side it does list programming (although sometimes with the wrong time). I have restarted the Premiere multiple times but the problem persists. Can anyone help me to resolve this? Thanks.

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Thanks....dare I ask, what is the CPI&DL process?
It's under Help/Reset & Restarts. It means Clear Program Information and To Do List. I've done it many times, but there's been a change over the last few weeks that will brick your Premiere or Roamio (with TE3) if you run it.

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Is something seriously wrong with TiVo's guide data?

Some stations have missing guide data only 1 week away!!

There are problems with guides world wide due to sports and election changes. Be patient. See my signature for a link to abbreviations.
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