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My A93 TiVo Mini got caught in the power up loop before the "Welcome" screen. TiVo replaced it for $40 with a "new" Mini. What they actually sent me though was a factory renewed Mini Vox without accessories - including the AC power adapter.

Looking at the back of the Mini Vox, the plug is labelled 12VDC 1.5A. Looking at the power adapter for my A93 Mini, it outputs 12VDC at 1.0A. Seems we have a mismatch!

Can someone look at the AC adapter for their Mini Vox and tell me what the output specs are for it? If it is the same 12VDC at 1.0A that my current adapter puts out then I'll just go ahead and use it. But if the adapter that ships with the Vox actually outputs 1.5A, then I'll go back and insist they send me one.
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