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I've just installed a wifi mesh network and doing this, it made me roll my 2 mini's off of coax and onto ethernet. BUT, here's my setup....i have the modem in the closet, and then connected to the Rock Space Primary Mesh Node and then a ethernet cable going to my Linksys router, where I have the Roamio, Arlo Camera and a mini plugged into. All is good. Upstairs I have the Seconday Mesh Node and Ethernet cable going to the 2nd mini. I get the network connection error, plugged into laptop and network is fine. Rebooted mini and bunch of times and no connection. I just realized that the 2nd mini is connected to the Rock Space Wifi Mesh router, while the 2 other Tivo units are plugged into the Linksys router. Any way around this to make them all on the same network? Can I change a setting on the linksys router?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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