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tivo mini crashes during setup

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I found a mini i HAD not used in over a year and have trouble getting it to work. I have downgraded all my other mini's and Bolt. When I connected the 1 mini, it gave me screens that I did not recognize so I figured I may not have downgraded it. But during the setup, it would flash my programs and i could see a live show for 5 sec's, then i get a bunch of flashing and a network cord disconnect image. can recover from there and have to reboot.

I was able to get to the start setup by quickly pushing the correct items before a crash,
so now i get the pick your country, type of connection, and by this point it flashes a bunch, sometimes goes back to the pick a country, and ultimately get the same ethernet cable issue.

Its not the cable as I changed outlets and cables, tested the cable with ethernet tester and even connected a pc and got to the internet.

any ideas? I did call tivo but no help so far.
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Check out this thread. Sounds like the same problem many of us are having.

Trying to Move Mini from TE4 host to a TE3 Host
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Yup, same "dog eating Internet cable" (erroneous*) error many are seeing when trying to downgrade an older A92/A93 Mini from TE4 to TE3. We're up to 7 threads on the subject, now, with the above thread linked by @dmk1974 preferred.

Please contact TiVo Support and open a ticket on the issue. Try to get them to recognize the issue as not being related to the network or Mini hardware but something simply wrong with the downgrade process for Minis. Direct them to the growing list of users reporting the issue.

* If you had a TE4 DVR on the home network, the Mini would work fine once you configured that box as the Mini's host DVR.

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