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It looks like I have the same Mini TCA93000 issue that many others are having. Stuck at TiVo guy startup screen (with a few flickers from the very faint led on the front).

I have not received the same replacement offer that others did, so my options are limited (and expensive).

I don't want to "recycle" the device just yet. Has anyone popped one open and attempted to flash the firmware with a known good firmware image with a SPI programmer? The device is pretty much dead so I don't seen any real risk in it.

Just wondering if this is even something I should investigate. Thanks for any help.

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I now have 4 sitting on a shelf in case someone comes up with a magical repair.
I have two that are used daily. I guess if you can be patient, one is bound to die. One runs for two hours every day. One runs for about 9 hours every night. That one has a fan on top, so the MBT is about 36C. I have a spare A93 and a spare A92. When not being used, I put them into Standby. Both get my standard power cycle monthly also.
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