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TiVo Menu Problem

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I just got a TiVo Premiere and had it connected to my internet, but then got a new internet provider and router. For the past couple of days, I haven't had to switch it to the new router, but today I went from the SD display to the HD display and it's telling me that I'm no longer connected to the internet.

I go to the TiVo menu to go to Settings to reset everything. However, when I go to the main menu and select Settings, all it does is bring me back to the main menu. And this happens when I select anything in the menu.

Does that make sense? Any help would be much appreciated.
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did you try a reboot of the TiVo?
Is the router password the same on the new router as it was the old router? And if there's no password on the new router after there was one on the old router, did you update this in TIVO?

Don H.
The new password is different than the old one.
Press :down::up: Pause Pause to switch back from the HD menu.
Oh, thank you so much!
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