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Tivo majorly clipping for no reason

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Hello. My 5 year old Series 2 Tivo has begun clipping my shows....but in a severe way. On Monday night, it stopped recording 24 8 minutes til the end. There was a show set to record at 10PM and it started on time but Tivo only recorded 55 minutes of that show and there was not a show recorded at 11PM. It isn't doing this for Tivo suggestions, and 24 is my highest ranked show so it shouldn't be a priority thing. I turned off the clipping option thinking that maybe there is a bug in that. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? This is 6 shows now that it has cut off, all in different increments of time. Some 5 minutes early, some 8, as much as 10 minutes early. The green bar just stops and the duration is listed as a partial recording. Any ideas?
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Just happened to me too. Its clipping for no reason. It seems to be all my prime time shows. :-( I've turned off clipping and it clipped the very first show it recoded after I turned it off! I suspect that any shows already in the todo list before I turned off clipping get clipped anyway.

I called Tivo support and they have heard of the problem but they have no resolution other than to say turn off clipping and restart my Tivo. :-(

Anyone have a solution?
Just checked and not seeing this on our four tivos.
If it happens to you, you'll know it right away cuz every one of the shows it clipped it decided to clip the END. So I missed the last 5 minutes of all my favoite shows for the last week.

I just wish I could get the Tivo to re-gen the entire todo list cuz I cant tell what show will be clipped next.
It would be worth it to force a re-indexing (if that's the right word).

Shift the order of your SPs--that long process after that. It might do what you want.

Does the duration on the info screen (before hitting play) show the shorter time?
I have a similair situation but its not really clipping....its starting early and ending early...as if the Time on my Tivo is off by 5 minutes....I've had to add padding to some of my SPs...
More clipping going on with my Tivo than in a Dallas Cowboys game! My wife is getting upset - and that's not a good thing. We are experiencing the same thing with our Tivo. Only PRIMETIME shows are getting cut-off. However, MOST of them are getting cut-off. Again, it's the end of each show, with times varying from 5-10 minutes with no rhyme or reason.

Other details we have noticed is that Tivo is only doing this on shows that have recently been added to the Season Pass. (Since January 2006).

For God's sake, the end of American Idol was cut off. What's my wife suppossed to do now?

I need help!
I'm having the same problem, but I haven't tracked down why and when. I've been fortunate that it has only clipped a couple minutes of commercials from the back end of a few movies, but I'm getting really nervous about it possibly clipping the end of something important.

Any solutions yet?
It's happened to me twice just this past week. Both times have been taping movies that appeared to have already ended and past the ending credits so the only thing I lost were the commercials and upcoming attractions that fill out the time slot.

I'd love to know why this happening. I don't want to turn of clipping - but will do it if that fixes the problem before something intense (like 24) is clipped before the end.

I just noticed something similar in one of my Tivos this evening (2/6), all the half hour CBS sitcoms I recorded (from 8 to 10pm ET) only recorded 24 minutes of each episode. As soon as I noticed I rebooted my Tivo and it hasn't happened anymore (I still have clipping enabled).
It happepened to me again Sunday night 2/5.

It seems that it's happening to everyone as soon as the show being recorded actually ends - each time it's happened to me it has cut off recording immediately after the credits and before the commercials or filler.

I just noticed it happening approx 2 weeks ago. Has there be some recent s/w upgrade? Is there some sort of "end-of-broadcast" signal transmitted? What's the story?
I have had the same thing happen the last two nights with FOX shows, 24 and House.
Happened to me tonight also...all started recording late and ended recording 5 minutes before the end of programs...
I'm getting this problem now as well. Just started a few days ago.

Series 2 unit... When I have two shows, back-to-back, on the same station, I'm losing about 12 minutes off the end of the second show.

Was Boston Legal last night and now Invasion.
It is happening with me also. Missed the last 6 minutes of Monday's 24, and the last 8 minutes of tonight's lost.

Anyone have any clue or resolution? Nothing with a higher priority was set.
Invasion was clipped for me tonight - but not 24 last night.

I was watching Invasion (about 15 mins behind live) and noticed that the green bar looked like it wasn't going long enough (looked like I was missing between 5-10 mins). I thought I was going to be lucky and be able to go back with the normal live tv rewind. However I accidentally changed the channel and lost my 30 min buffer!!!! AHHHH!

The tivo INFO for Invasion had a duration of 59 minutes - so I have no idea why it stopped early.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this clipping?
This has been happening to me all week. I am getting 53-55 minutes of a 60 minute show on my soap opera, Lost, House etc. It seems that if there is two shows back to back, the first show is fine but its the second show thats the problem. It is very frustrating. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue and that it is not somethign wrong with MY Tivo but it is very annoying. Has Tivo even acknowleged that there is an issue yet?
I'm having the same problem. It is happening on my 240 unit, but not on my 540 unit. Just started about three days ago. It is incredibly frustrating. This takes me one more step towards getting an HDTV PVR from ComCast.

TiVoGods, is this a software problem or a hardware problem? It seems weird that this would start happening to so many people at once. Then again, I had a TiVo that got the "Darth Vader" sound and TiVo never acknowledged it or provided any path to fixing that either. Just had to trash it. I hope this isn't the same kind of thing.
Two shows Tuesday - on Living Room Series II - last 6 minutes of Rodney clipped, last 12 minutes of L&0 SVU. Both have Season Passes on that Tivo. Bedroom Tivo Series II caught both (in Tivo Suggestions) at full length.

First time in 6 Tivo years this has ever happened to me.
Well, this has happened to me in the last few days now as well. Last night the Tivo (standalone series 2) in the bedroom was recording Veronica Mars (9-10). It recorded 55 mins of the show. There was no conflict, and there was no other show recorded until 10:30.

Then this morning, we have a manual recording set up to record 15 mins of the news to get the weather, when we went to play the recording it said "Partial Recording 00". When you played the show, it shows the channel change and approximately 3 seconds of the weather, then the recording stops for no reason.

After all of this has happened I went back and checked all the other recordings, this has happened only 1 other time recently it recorded a 3 hour program on 2/6 and 12am it recorded all but the last 5 mins.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, this is a serious bug. This has not yet happened to the (SA Series 2) Tivo in the livingroom.

P.S. The bedroom is a 40 hour 240 unit. The livingroom is an 80 hour 240 unit.
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