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in 2001, I purchased a lifetime subscription to Tivo soon after signing on with DirecTV. Direct TV is charging me a fee (referred to as "DIRECTV DVR SERVICE MONTHLY" of $4.99. I do not have a directv dvr and i had a lifetime subscription to Tivo. Is this correct that I pay $4.99. DIRECTV claims that this is correct.

Second, I have Directv coming over today to install HD and I purchased from them the new HD250 DVR. I will keep my current Tivo DVR and place it downstairs. What should my bill look like now? From reading some discussions, I should not get chargred a subscription fee for either DVRs. Is that correct?

Please advise
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a little clarification is needed.
Is your Tivo a Standalone? or is it integrated with DTV receiver?
If a standalone, you should not have been paying DTV anything because it's NOT a DTivo
if it's a DTivo, and you were grandfathered in because you bought lifetime on it, you shouldn't have been paying DTV a dvr fee either.
You are owed about 300 bucks in either case.
Do you have other DTV boxes (not TiVO, but regular DTV boxes)? If so, maybe you misread the statement and it was the DTV mirroring fee?
I just got off the phone with them, and they acknowledged there mistake and will credit me the money. If you have time for one more question. What happens now when I get my new HD210 DVR today? Since I have already the lifetime Tivo subscription and as I have read before on this forum that when DirecTV and Tivo came together, that for directv customers who had a Tivo lifetime subscrition. that subscription would be moved from the box itself, to the account. Thus my interpretation is that with this new tivo HD250 DVR I am getting today, nothing should change in my bill. (actually, since I am moving my old tivo to another television, and since they will remove a stand alone receiver, should my bill drop by another $4.99? (which is the subscription fee I have for me current downstairs receiver)
your bill should ONLY have programming fees and 5 bucks for each addtional receiver after 1.
In other words if you have 3 receivers, you will pay 10 bucks in mirror fees.
If I understand correctly then, starting today

I have 3 Televisions
I have 2 Tivo DVRs
1) Old one I originally bought with lifetime subscription
2) New one I am having installed today

I also have 1 plain vanilla receiver

Thus, my Bill should be

Programing charges, + 2 receiver charges


Programing charges + 1 receiver charge
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The first choice- programming charges plus two mirroring fees for the two additional receivers.
correcto. :)
Oh and how much money did DTV say they were going to refund you? Od did they just take the HDTivo off of your bill?
They refunded me the 4.99 X the number of months I paid it, and promised the future charges will come off the bill. Truthfully, the front line people over there have no clue. Thanks very much for your help.
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