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merlin said:
I too bought a knacked TiVo with a Lifetime sub... after getting the TiVo transferred over to my Name and Address (which was pretty straight forward) I phoned TiVo and asked if I could transfer my Lifetime Sub to another Tivo that I was paying a monthly sub for?

TiVo customer services said NO it was not allowed (this was only about 4 weeks ago).... once the TiVo is broken you are not allowed to move the Lifetime sub they told me!

Luckly for me.... I replaced the power supply and hard drive and all is now well....

Has anyone else managed to get TiVo to transfer a Lifetime sub ?
It depends who you get to speak to at customer services, I managed to get my lifetime sub transferred from my Tivo (which was beyond repair) to a spare unsubbed machine without any fuss

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