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Tivo Keeps Going To The Same Channel

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My Tivo HD keeps going to channel 772. I come in and turn the TV on and it's on channel 772. I come out of some recordings and I'm on channel 772.

This just started recently. It does not happen on my Series 3 box.

Any ideas?
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Is this during the day, or during overnight periods? During off hours the Tivo may attempt to record various bits of promotional material from some channels. What's on 772 in your area?
It is listed as HUBHD.

I don't get the channel and TVGuide does not listed it for my cable provider.

I don't think it happens just over night. Of course I just went in to check what it was and it was not on that channel as it normally is.

Time to give this lady a call.

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Does that channel show up in your channel list?
If so, have you tried removing that channel from your channel list?
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