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I have a TiVo Bolt and use my iPhone TiVo app a lot to set up recordings remotely. It's been working perfectly - until I upgraded the Bolt software from the classic interface to the Experience 4 interface. Since then, the iPhone app won't record NFL games. When I click "Get this show", the "Please Wait" box comes up and the wheel just spins forever. The app freezes and I have to force close the app. It never actually sets up the recording. Turns out that this happens with MLB and NCAA games too. I can use the phone app to record local games, long movies, other shows on the same channels, etc. just fine. It seems to be only with the major national sports leagues. Again, never had any problems before installing Experience 4.

I've contacted TiVo and gone through all the power down, reboot, get latest updates, for the Bolt, the phone, wireless router, cable modem, etc. that we can do. Nothing has helped. TiVo has no answers except they'll replace my Bolt.

Has anyone else noticed this with the iPhone app and Experience 4? Does the new Experience have some licensing restrictions on recording or streaming through the iPhone?? Why else would the problem only happen with major sporting events??

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