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I went to Channels DVR and their Apple TV app. I had planned initially on keeping the cablecard, but found that Channels has implemented a DVR solution with cable or OTT providers TVEverywhere streams
This could be exactly what I've been looking for. If I understand it correctly, I should be able to integrate OTA with streaming channels, actually record the streams, and skip ads on all channels. I'll wait to see exactly what "TiVo Plus" offers, but, it needs to be more or less this.

I don't suppose Channels DVR supports anything like Wishlists?

I downloaded and installed everything (1 month trial and then $8/month or $80/year).
Plus $25 for the app, plus you need to have a supported device for each TV. The supported device list doesn't (yet?) include Roku, which would be helpful in my situation, but I can work around that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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