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Tivo Incompatuible with Comcast telephone service?

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I am interested in getting a Tivo, but have heard it is incompatible with Comcast phone service, such that I would be forced to get a separate land line for the Tivo. Anyone else have this problem?
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This subject has been discussed many times. The TiVo can work with VOIP phone service.
It works much better with broadband Internet, though
Ours is DSL; does Comcast offer broadband?
DSL is broadband. What you want to do is connect your tivo to your computer network, rather than the phone line.

Hooking your tivo up to your network opens up a whole range of networking features, including transferring videos to/from your computer, music & photos, podcasts, Amazon movie downloads, etc.
Thanks, Zik. We are wireless in our house, with the modem way up on the 3rd floor. How would we accomplish what you are talking about?
Thanks again.
Assuming this is a series 2 or series 3 tivo, select and purchase one of the wireless network adapters on this page. Plug into the back of your tivo. From the Tivo main menu, go to Messages and Settings->Settings->Phone and Network. Select Network. If you wish to exchange video between your computer and the tivo, you'll have to download Tivo Desktop from tivo.com onto the computer. Enjoy all the cool new features you didn't have before!
My Comcast phone line works fine.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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