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An excessive attention to flashy graphics and arbitrary menu rearrangement over functionality.

The new UI must have been designed by a brain-dead person because the UX is brain dead:
- forcing the use of a eensie winsie tiny little stupid button (back) instead of allowing the use of the left button.
- disallowing the use of the "clear" key to quickly delete a program.
- taking many, many, many seconds to delete a group (eg, on the suggestions)
- removing extremely useful features like record by channel or time. Yes, you can manually setup a recording but you have no idea what are you recording. In the previous UI, you could browse 14 days in advance what was coming so, for example, you could browse the favorite channels during prime time and discover new shows that you might be interested. Now, the only solution is to create a silly "wishlist" where tivo decides what to record, not you.
- I have not been able to find a way to create a new season pass in advance. You can only create it after a program starts.
Yes, great UI.... (roll eyes)
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