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My upgrade went smoothly. One Bolt and two gen 1 minis. Once I saw the Bolt was wanted to restart, I initiated the upgrade and restart on the 2 minis. So all three boxes upgraded at the same time. Gen 1 minis may be a bit slower w/ new UI. Bolt is smooth and fast. Wife does not like the black background on the guide page. Overall, does have a new sleek modern feel. Learn to love your "back" button and more importantly know its location on the remote. Older UI was more simple to navigate. I do like the LT, RT, up, down selections on live TV. Must select fav in settings for Lt selections. Older UI was easier to learn and navigate. New UI is more visually rich & modern. With a whole 10 minutes of play, have not noticed any glaring bugs or glithes. Took about 50 min after online sign up to get the download and forcing Tivo to call home and get update.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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