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After reading every page so far I took the plunge. I never used live guide so wasn't concerned with that. A few things I found right away I hadn't seen mentioned yet were Doesn't seem like you can turn folders/groups off. Which totally ruins it for me. I always am 3-4 weeks behind on shows. I don't like to binge watch the same shows episodes one after another.... so I would always go to "recordings" and started at the bottom watching oldest things just in the order they recorded. When folders is turned on it bumps the shows to the top of the list each time a new episode airs. For instance if I just wanna watch everything I recorded from 10/5/17 I don't see how to do that now (hopefully its just a setting Im missing).

EDIT TO ADD: This also makes it harder to see which shows will be deleted soon for space before I could just scan the list of shows and see the yellow / green or blue dots now it seems you have to click on each folder to see if a show is marked keep or save until space is needed.

Also adding on to the clock trick not working... the one I also always turned on after every reboot was SPS88S which was the 4X FF one so you dont' have to hit play (for channels without skip like E! / MTV / VH1)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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