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Do you know how many fixes it took Comcast to get the X1 to where it is today? Hundreds of updates. It might be worth it, if they buffered all tuners and got a Live Guide...LOL. Too bad they made tens of thousands of paying beta testers and it really Sucked for 6 months or more. I watched the rollout in the Comcast forums, bewildered about how they could do that to paying customers, but they did.

Oh well, there, I have written a novella again. One that has been written many times before.

:rolleyes::eek: HAIL HYDRA :eek::rolleyes:
It did take the X1 a while but updates were fast and furious and honestly, it was a massive change from what they started with but it really sucked for a while. It was almost unusable for about a year. I left for Dish. On the X1 if you record a show it will not be in a folder but if a second recording of that show takes place a folder is created that shows how many episodes there are with a little number on the end.
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