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Overall, I am liking Hydra more than I thought I would. I have a Roamio Pro and a first gen Mini. Both run just as fast, perhaps slightly faster in some ways, than they did in the old UI.

Like many, the 17 years of "Left equals Back, Right equals forward" is going to be the hardest change for me to stomach, although I am already starting to get used to the back button (universal remote). I do not yet have Vox remotes, but I will likely pick at least one up in the next few weeks. I have a regular X1 cable box in the bedroom that I really enjoy the voice features on (and just picked up an Apple TV 4K, same can be said for Siri). I started moving away from using Tivo native apps and was using my old Apple TV (3rd Gen) or PS4 for Netflix and Amazon, as it seems like the apps are getting worse and worse over time. Amazon will often cause my Tivo to crash when I exit it, and doesn't always respond to commands. Netflix, as of a few updates ago, has also sadly become laggy and sometimes non-responsive (both work fine on the Mini, and even if they cause the Mini to crash, I care much less about that crashing than the Roamio).

Hydra is not without it's bugs, but for essentially a "1.0" experience, it's much less buggy than I expected, and does the core functionality (record TV shows) well so far. Depending on how Voice works in comparison to X1, it could definitely mean staying with Tivo longer than I planned originally. I have lifetime on the Pro, but before hydra was planning on moving to X1 when the Pro finally dies. Hydra has given me pause, although a Bolt+ with Lifetime would take a long time to break even vs an X1 box at $10 per month, which is definitely a consideration.
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