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No doubt some of these have been listed elsewhere in this thread. There's simply no way I'm going to search for all of them. ;)

FWIW, I'm overall pleased with the new interface. Happy to be on the beta. (To all you Negative Nancy's out there, this is in fact a Beta and you had to agree to the fact that it may not work as anticipated. Patience people!)

The words between '>' and ':' represent the current page. Followed by the observed behavior.

TiVo Mini
>My Shows: Tile View collapses to the group level when navigating up/down the list.
>My Shows: When only one show, why must one enter Tile View to play the show.
>My Shows: Play all in group is not available.
>My Shows: Tile View - Display more info about the selected show. There's plenty of space on the screen. Channel, HD/SD, Actors, rating, ranking, etc. Don't make us go to the next screen when there's room on this one.
>Guide: Cannot pause/start Live TV.
>Guide: Sometimes can hear Live TV, but the window is not visible.
>Guide: Cannot press enter to search!!!!!!!!!!! Have to go back to TiVo menu and select search option. WTF???????????
>Playback: Pressing left arrow (because that's what we used to do to return to My Shows) opens favorite channels list. Must press Back 3x to return to My Shows. If pressing left opens & closes favorite channels, then Back should go back to the previous screen.
>Guide: Continually resets to channel 2. Sometimes the tuner is on the expected channel, but the guide comes up on channel 2.
>Guide: Actor's names missing. Need to truncate description or move the YBRG button descriptions elsewhere and move the guide grid down.
>Live TV: Enter does not revert to the previously tuned channel.
>Live TV: Starting a show while it is recording, prevents skip from working even after recording has finished and going back through My Shows to play the show. Tried starting over and still didn't work. Had to let play to the end of the show, select 'don't delete' and then it worked when show started from the beginning.
>Home: Same shows are always listed.
>Home: Selecting a show should open that entry in My Shows. Why must we press back to get to My Shows.
>Home: Why no '9' for the shortcuts?
>Home: 50% of the screen is unused. Why not show Live TV? Or a couple of Apps? Or messages like shows being clipped?
>Upcoming Episodes - Tile View: Show more detail on each tile... date, time, channel and whether or not it's scheduled to record. Must currently navigate to each tile or go to View All. Again... There's plenty of room on the screen to show detail.
Perfectly stated.

I would also add as to why is it that even when you only have one episode does it create a folder. I even see it do that for movies that I have recorded. For example, "The Girl on the Train" is in its own folder so that I can't just highlight it in the PlayList and hit Play. That's ridiculous.

- Merg

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