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What device?

I am not seeing this. ( Bolt) I am at start of buffer of eagles, and hit 30s a few times, and no audio drop outs.
You need to be a little before the end of the buffer, then hit 30s a few times so it would overshoot the LiveTV point. Then the picture will stutter, the audio will drop, then the picture will resume with no sound.

Just a general question....if I go to

What to Watch > Sports

Why do the World Series and Sunday Night Football NOT show up as choices at this moment, as they are Prime Time headline events happening right now? Instead it immediately shows me a sporting event happening three days from now, then an NBA game for tomorrow?
If you select MORE SPORTS then select SPORTS ON NOW, you'll get the in progress games. I don't think it offers the stuff that has already started airing (though some TV shows in ON TODAY are offered that have already started).

I believe that some of these "strips" are intended to learn your viewing patterns, not just what you watch, but when you watch it. So give it a little time (perhaps a week) to figure out your viewing patterns.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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