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Tivo HD with Cisco STA1520 Freezing

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I know there are a number of threads about the STA1520, but this seems to be a new problem.

I have a Tivo HD model that I purchased from a friend. When I had basic analog cable, it worked just fine. I recently subscribed to Time Warner HD Cable and they installed both an M Card and a Cisco STA1520 tuning adapter.

The system seems to work fine, I can tune all the channels, record, etc... The problem is that within 12 hours of booting, the Tivo freezes COMPLETELY. The status lights on the front stay as whatever they were when the Tivo froze. The remote does not cause the orange light to light up. On screen, the image of live TV is frozen. Using my iPhone with the TiVo app cannot find the Tivo. The Tivo will stay like this indefinitely until I unplug it and reboot.

I'm new to the Tivo community, can anyone give me any tips as to what I should do? Having the Tivo freeze every 12 hours or so isn't acceptable, as it won't record anything after it freezes so I am missing many shows.
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I'm having similar problems. HD tive + Cisco STA1520 + external 1TB drive. Machine will freeze up, then reboot itself every few days or so. Lately it one reboot properly. The Cisco green light is blinking five times then holding, then 5 times, holding, repeat ad nauseum.

I can usually get my signal back by rebooting the Tivo, and/or rebooting the Cisco. Solid green light comes back, however testing the CableCard in the setup menu doesn't give me all of my channels. I quit the test, go to Live television and all is well again. Totally frustrating.

Is this a problem with the CableCard/Cisco, or the Tivo?
..........Is this a problem with the CableCard/Cisco, or the Tivo?
... or with the cable co? Your problems have been experienced by others and they can have various causes, unfortunately. I suggest removing your TA as a first troubleshooting step. Also, try kickstart 54

Also Jozer99, please give your location as it can help us help you.
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