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Hey all-

I am a long time Tivo user - I had a S1 Sony since 2000, then switched to a HR10-250 with DirecTV for the past 3 years. I LOVE tivo. Period.

I just moved to New York City, and live on the upper east side. We got RCN cable, as our building does not allow DirecTV, and I got their DVR. Wow...its terrible. I missed some recordings this week, and I have no idea why - cant figure it out, they just weren't recorded.

So I really want to buy a Tivo HD - can anyone tell me their experiences, specifically with Tivo HD and RCN in New York City? I have read scattered posts about some people having trouble with getting things working, but wanted to consolidate into one thread.

I desperately want to go back to Tivo, but only if I can get it working -

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