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Hi all,

Just picked up my first Tivo (Tivo HD) yesterday. I have a few questions (please forgive me if they are addressed elsewhere....I looked all over and I've been on the phone with Tivo, but no good answers yet).

1. Can someone confirm that the Tivo HD has NTSC, ATSC, and clear QAM tuners?

2. I have Cox cable in Fairfax, VA. Just Basic cable with no STB. On my recently purchased LCD TV (with ATSC and clear QAM tuners) I get the CATV channels to include the local HD network channels. So in my theater room I would like to duplicate this using my Tivo HD and a projector (with no tuner).

I have not been able to do a channel scan or setup that allows me to see those HD channels. Interestingly, I do get the HD channel from one of the local PBS stations (WETA 26-1). Is there a way to access the other network HD channels? On my other QAM-enabled TV they come in as 4-1 (NBC), 5-1 (Fox), 7-1 (ABC), and 9-1 (CBS).

Seems like I should not need a CableCard to view an unencrypted HD channel. I read somewhere that I can "manually" tune them in, but they won't show up in the guide and I can't use things like season pass, etc. That's OK with me at this point. I just don't understand how to manually tune them in. Any help is appreciated.

Lastly, my home theater setup sends s-video to a zone 2. Does anyone know if the Tivo HD will send video out of both the component and s-video outputs at the same time?

Thanks again and sorry about the long post.

Matt in Fairfax.
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