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(Apologies in advance for the long post; I want to be detailed.)

Since I got my TiVo HD in early August (connected via HDMI to a Samsung home theater receiver), every so often the box becomes almost unresponsive; i.e. it will take from 5-10 seconds for it to recognize each remote kepress. While this is occurring, you can tell the TiVo is bogged down somehow, because the background animations (the Hollywood spotlights, for example) play for a few seconds then freeze, then start up again, then freeze again, etc. Playback is similarly affected during these episodes.

I've encountered this phenomenon every 2-3 weeks, though I suspect it's happening a lot more often and that I've only been around a few times to witness it (the TiVo is typically used only early morning and late evening). Sometimes a reboot solves the problem, but usually it doesn't help. If I walk away for a half hour or so, it always clears up on it's own.

I don't want to make mountains out of molehills, but wondering whether this could be an early sign of impending failure. My Series 3 (connected to another TV via component video) abruptly began exhibiting similar symptoms back in February, but it had the problem constantly for three days making the unit unusable. (Interestingly, the box behaved normally if I disconnected the cable input from the back). When I called TiVO customer support about the S3, they never really offered an explanation as to what the problem was but simply issued a replacement under warranty.

Now that my HD is having a similar (albeit intermittent) problem, I'm wondering what I should do. I hesitate to call TiVo since they'll probably just wind up doing a replacement again, and I don't want to to that unless I know box is truly bad, since that's going to require another ComCrap service call for the CableCards. Moreover, when TiVo replaced my Series 3, they sent out a defective unit so I wound up having to have the replacement replaced (not looking forward to going through that again).

Anybody having a problem like this with an HD/S3 or have any idea as to what might be causing it?

Many thanks.

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